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Controlled demolition projects are managed by Robore Special Projects, a team with unmatched expertise. Robore Special Projects can tackle the most challenging controlled demolition projects using specialist knowledge and techniques developed over many years. Most constraints can be successfully overcome.

"Robore Cuts Ltd has the largest fleet of remote controlled demolition machines in the UK."


Noise restrictions can be addressed using the following techniques:

Deployment of a Brokk machine fitted with a crusher attachment

Hydraulic bursting techniques

Diamond cutting and lifting of sections

A combination of all the above techniques



Brokk Machines are able to access most internal demolition works and are able to work in difficult access areas and confined spaces.


Robore Cuts Ltd has the largest fleet of remote controlled demolition machines in the UK. The machines, manufactured by Brokk in Sweden, are the ideal solution for most controlled demolition projects. With a small footprint the machines can be operated in confined spaces and provide massive productivity gains compared with traditional methods. The operator controls the machine from a safe-distance using a remote control device connected by a cable or radio signal. Brokks are powered by electric motors, ensuring a low noise output and the absence of exhaust fumes. All machines can be fitted with demolition tools including breakers, jaws and buckets, to suit a range of tasks.


From the Brokk 40 to the Brokk 400, Robore Cuts Ltd has the solution for the toughest controlled demolition task. To find out more about the machines in the Brokk family, choose an option from below.

  • BROKK 40

    Brokk 40 - reaches the parts that other tools just cannot reach

    The Brokk 40 (or minicut) is ideal for light demolition work indoors and is the smallest machine in the Brokk range at only 60 centimetres wide. It can be manoeuvred into the most confined spaces, where previously only hand tools could be used. Despite its size the Brokk 40 is a powerful demolition machine that can improve productivity by up to 400% when compared to a crew using hand-tools. The machine can move up and down stairways and is light enough to travel in ordinary lifts. Where access is a problem the Brokk 40 is an efficient alternative to mechanical equipment and can outperform 3 men using electric breakers.



    Weight: 380kg

    Width: 60cm

    Operates in spaces from 3 sq m


  • BROKK 90

    Brokk 90 - mobile and versatile

    The Brokk 90 is a light and compact machine but has the power and versatility needed for a wide range of jobs. Rubber tracks make it easy to manoeuvre the Brokk 90 into confined spaces where outriggers can be extended for extra stability. A variety of tools can be attached to the hydraulic arm including hammers, buckets and crushers. Operators control the machine using a lightweight remote-control unit for maximum precision and safe operation.



    Weight: 830kg

    Width: 78cm

    Rubber tracks


  • BROKK 100

    Brokk 100 – The best just got better

    The Brokk 100 had a lot to live up to being the successor to the Brokk 90 which was one of their most popular machines ever, but it has certainly achieved it with 35 percent more power whilst being reduced in weight and height making it even more versatile for getting into confined spaces without a compromise on productivity, moving around site with ease and able to fit up stairs or in elevators makes it an ideal machine for light to medium demolition work in commercial or residential applications.



    Weight: 990kg

    15kw electric motor

    Width: 780mm

    A transport height of only 1147mm

  • BROKK 150

    Brokk 150 - a compact machine with a big punch

    The Brokk 150 has the power of a heavy tool but is small enough to operate in very tight spaces. The machine can be driven through a single door opening and once in position stabilised using outriggers. The arm on the Brokk 150 is very powerful and controlled by large hydraulic cylinders, powered by a 15kw electric motor. The 3-part robot arm ensures accuracy and can be fitted with a range of demolition tools including crushers, buckets and grabbers. The Brokk 150 can out-perform 6.5 ton machines and according to the manufacturer, ‘not since dynamite has so much power been harnessed in such a small package’.



    Weight: 1750kg

    15kw electric motor

    Small footprint for confined spaces

  • BROKK 160

    Brokk 160 – Don’t be fooled by its size

    The Brokk 160 is way ahead of the pack when it comes to performance versus size, it has a new design electric motor plus a state-of-the-art digital remote control. Like the Brokk 150 it can go through a single door opening and be fitted with a vast range of attachments up to 270kg, weighing in at only 1600kg without attachments and with a reach of approx 4 metres it’s ideal for demolition that needs to be carried out quickly but with precision.



    Weight: 1600kg

    18.5kw electric motor

    Digital remote control for fast and precise movement

  • BROKK 180

    Brokk 180 – Flexible with a hard punch

    The Brokk 180 is in the middle of the range but although small in size it’s not short on power and like all the Brokks can be used with an array of attachments plus we have one with a long reach telescopic arm, fitting through 800mm it’s an all-round machine that’s more than capable of carrying out a large scope of demolition tasks.



    Weight: 1930kg

    18.5kw electric motor

    Equipped with a breaker with a hitting power of as much as 410 joules

  • BROKK 250

    Brokk 250 - a heavyweight that is light on its feet

    The Brokk 250 is extremely flexible and suitable for many types of heavy demolition. Solid rubber wheels make the machine very easy to manoeuvre and enable it to work in an environment where the state of the foundation is a concern. A 22kw electric motor gives the 250 the power needed for heavier demolition tasks. Like other members of the Brokk family the 250 can be operated in confined spaces and driven through a double door opening. The powerful arm system can work with hammers weighing as much as 300kg and has a reach of 6.5 metres. Using a remote-control device, operators can stand at a safe distance from falling debris. The Brokk 250 is ideal for performing heavy demolition tasks in restricted environments.



    Weight: 3200kg

    22kw electric motor

    Rubber wheels for easy manoeuvring

  • BROKK 330

    Brokk 330 - makes molehills out of mountains

    The Brokk 330 is a powerful demolition machine and is suitable for the toughest jobs. It is powered by a 30kw motor and can be equipped with tools weighing up to 550kg, such as buckets, hydraulic hammers, concrete crushers, and drilling equipment. The machine has a reach of 7 metres and a turning radius of 360 degrees. Despite its awesome power the 330 is compact and has a small footprint. With the highest capacity of any demolition robot in the world the Brokk 330 is ideal when a heavy task needs to be completed in a short space of time.



    Weight: 4250kg

    30kw electric motor

    7 metre reach

    360 degree turning radius

  • BROKK 400

    Brokk 400 – Unsurpassed in heavy-duty demolition

    The most powerful demolition machine from the Brokk family in the UK is suitable for the toughest of jobs and takes attachments up to 600kg so is unmatched by conventional machines in size and power, designed and built purely for the purpose of demolition it does what it was made for without exception.



    Weight: 5100kg

    30kw electric motor

    7 metre reach

    360 degree turning radius



Robore’s demolition techniques can be executed using 3-phased electrical power. Where this is impractical, silenced 3-phased generators can be located unobtrusively. Most techniques can be executed by remote control, removing operatives from the point of work.



Prior to demolition Robore can diamond cut almost any thickness of reinforced concrete structure isolating the element for demolition from the retained structure.


Innovative solutions have been used in the past to overcome a range of environmental, structural and access constraints. Visit the major projects section of the website to see examples of controlled demolition at the Treasury, the Dartford Tunnel, and the Brixton Crossover.

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