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Robore Cuts use professional, state-of-the-art techniques for concrete removal. From diamond cutting to remote-controlled demolition machines, Robore has the manpower and equipment to handle every concrete removal requirement in environments as diverse as building interiors, shopping centres, stadiums, tunnels, bridges, motorways, roads, railways and runways. Unlike conventional removal systems, these techniques are fast, precise, non-disruptive, maintain structural integrity and can be used in confined spaces.

Robore has the management expertise to specify the most appropriate technique and complete projects on time and within budget. With over 100 experienced operators, a fleet of over 80 vehicle and an extensive plant list, Robore is confident to claim its position as the UK’s number one.

"Robore, at the cutting-edge of concrete removal."

Diamond drilling

Diamond sawing

Concrete crunching

Concrete bursting

Concrete chasing

Controlled demolition

Equipment hire

Diamond drilling for precise, circular holes

Diamond drilling is the most efficient way of creating holes and slots from 10mm to 1m in diameter, to virtually unlimited depths. Openings can be drilled through all types of concrete and brickwork for plumbing and electrical installations. This is also an effective method of creating holes for the installation of pipes and cables, anchoring bolts and load carrying devices. Read more…

Diamond sawing for precision, speed and efficiency

Diamond sawing techniques are precise, fast and efficient. Robore will specify the most appropriate diamond sawing technique for your requirement from: Track sawing for precise, vertical openings, Floor sawing for fast cuts through flat surfaces, Chain and ring saws for straight line cuts, Wire sawing for the most demanding requirements. Read more…

Concrete crunching to reduce concrete to rubble

An extremely efficient method for reducing concrete to rubble without vibration or water. Jaws are applied to the free or open edge of a concrete structure. Hydraulic power forces the jaws to close crushing the concrete. The process is repeated until the whole structure is removed. Read more…

Concrete bursting for noise-free demolition

A quiet and efficient method of controlled demolition used to remove large concrete structures such as foundations, pillars, bearers and concrete walls. Read more…

Concrete chasing for cutting out precise channels

Used to cut neat channels in concrete or masonry structures, called chases. The chase is formed using a hand-held electric grinder with a diamond blade. A vacuum collects the dust before it escapes into the surrounding environment. Two slots are cut to a precise width and depth and the concrete is removed using a hammer drill or small breaker. Read more…

Controlled demolition

Controlled demolition projects are managed by Robore Special Projects, a team with unmatched expertise. Robore Special Projects can tackle the most challenging controlled demolition projects using specialist knowledge and techniques developed over many years. Most constraints can be successfully overcome. Read more…

Robore hire services

Robore provides a comprehensive hire service including diamond drilling rings, wall and floor saws, concrete crunchers and busters, and generators. Read more…

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