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The UK’s leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

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Robore Cuts are Londons number one diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

London's Leading Provider of Robotic Concrete Breaking Machines Why Choose Robore Cuts Ltd?

The construction industry is currently enjoying one of the most advanced methods in demolition with the invention of robotic demolition machines. These immensely powerful, remotely controlled machines allow operators to carry out challenging demolition tasks from a safe distance. Robore Cuts proudly maintain the UK’s largest fleet of robotic demolition machines, including Brokk and Husqvarna models, placing us at the forefront of the demolition industry. The Brokk is widely considered an industry leader.


Our Range of Small to Large Robotic Brokk Demolition Machines

Robore are the only UK Company to have the full fleet of both Brokk and Husquvana machines, ranging from 500kg to 12 tons


Unrivalled Experience

Robore Cuts Ltd have been in operation for more than three decades (since 1986). We are one of the most experienced controlled demolition companies in the UK.


Concrete Breaking Specialists

Robore Cuts Ltd have over 100 highly trained, skilled and experienced operatives. We also use the latest cutting edge concrete breaking machinery within the industry. When you choose us, you are assured of receiving services that meet the highest standards within the industry.


Health and Safety

All Robore Cuts operatives have every relevant health and safety qualifications ranging from Demolition Operatives and Environmental Awareness to IOSH Managing Safety, SSSTS, SMSTS and NVQ’s


Major Project Specialist

We’ve completed countless major projects successfully, on time and on budget.


Robotic Technology

Robotic technology is especially useful when the application requires restricted access operation, and when air pollution is a factor. Robore’s robotic demolition systems have many outstanding benefits over traditional demolition methods:

  • Higher power to weight ratio than a mechanical diesel excavator of similar size and weight.
  • Remote Bluetooth control systems enabling access to restricted and confined spaces.
  • Unrivalled reach and manoeuvrability.
  • Electronically powered models emit no pollution, exhaust-free operation for internal works.
  • The remote-controlled feature allows for unparalleled safety.


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Brokk attachments

The Brokk and Husqvarna machines have multiple attachments and uses ranging from, breakers, crunchers, processors, shears, grapples, buckets plus many more. Robore Cuts have fully embraced the future of demolition, making use of high-tech machinery to make demolition a cleaner and safer task. Not only that, but robotic demolition systems by themselves minimise pollution, keeps the contractors safe and above all carries out demolition in the cleanest and the most efficient way possible. Robore Cuts will continue with developing useful, forward-thinking technology to develop solutions that will make short work of even the most challenging demolition projects.

The Benefits of Concrete Breaking:

Remote Operation for Restricted Environments

Adverse workplaces and hazardous environments such as nuclear projects and asbestos removal etc, will not be a factor against the Brokk demolition remote-controlled features and sturdy design. The Brokk’s robotic hammer carries out works with maximum efficiency. Our professional operatives have vast experience working in the toughest environments, from construction sites to within the nuclear industry Robore can provide Robotic demolition solutions.


High Productivity and Minimal Disruption

The Brokk demolition machine operates on a small footprint. Its zero-emission factor makes it an ideal demolition machine that can be used in almost any application. The Brokk can also be fitted with hydraulic crunching jaws which eliminates noise, dust and vibrations on-site.


Small-Sized, Yet Versatile and Powerful

Our robotic fleet wields a high-powered, yet controlled demolition force that can quickly reduce even the toughest reinforced concrete structures to rubble in minimal time. Under our qualified demolition operative’s capable hands, the lightweight robotic machine can move over debris, climb stairs and fit through almost all doorways to access even the most restricted demolition sites.

Precision Control

The small footprint our machines make them ideal for working around tight workspaces with maximum efficiency and minimal load. Cable control and remote Bluetooth operating system further allows the robotic plant to access otherwise restricted demolition projects whilst keeping the operator at a safe distance.


The Most Efficient Concrete Breaking Method

Robore Cuts’ innovative robotic demolition service is fast and safe, our demolition machine fleet is one of the largest in the global construction industry.


Robotic Hammering Technology

The Brokk hammering method produces demolition punch that is up to 10 times more powerful than traditional methods whilst still being safe. The equipment is now able to access almost any work site with minimal disruptions to the surrounding environment. With our fully trained technicians in place, our advanced demolition system will quickly deal with the most challenging projects, including:

  • Heavy civil engineering & construction, bridge renewal and demolition
  • Limited-access confined space sites and interior demolition projects.
  • Nuclear industry
  • Metal processing facilities and refractory maintenance projects.


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The UK’s leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

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