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The UK’s leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

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Robore Cuts are Londons number one diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

The UK's Leading Diamond Drilling Contractors Based in London


Why Choose Us?

Robore Cuts has always been a company that embraces new and advanced technologies. We were early to identify the potential in Diamond Drilling to become a widely sought after service throughout the construction industry and have since dedicated ourselves to mastering and pioneering this skilful technique. We are now widely regarded as the UK’s leading contractor within the industry.


Our Experience Is Unmatched

Robore Cuts Ltd are the UK’s and London’s No1 Diamond Drilling and Controlled demolition contractor, established in 1986 giving more than three decades of market experience and solutions. We are one of the most established diamond drilling & concrete cutting companies in the UK.


Highly Trained and Skilled Operatives

Robore Cuts Ltd have over 100 highly trained, skilled and experienced staff. All operatives at Robore are NVQ trained holding skilled operatives CSCS cards and have extensive knowledge of diamond drilling techniques.


We Use State of The Art Machinery

When you choose us, you are assured of getting services that meet the highest industry standards, inclusive of the largest fleet of technical cutting plant and Europe’s largest fleet of Brokk & Husqvarna demolition machines


Health and Safety

All operatives at Robore have all necessary Health and Safety qualifications from Demolition Operatives and Environmental Awareness to IOSH Managing Safety, SSSTS, and SMSTS.


Major Project Specialists

Robore Cuts have completed a countless number of major projects working within our client’s budgetary and commercial constraints, helping our client base deliver the projects successfully.

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How Diamond Drilling works:

Diamond core drilling is a unique type of drilling that uses a rotary drilling non percussive method of drilling, the drilling systems usually include 110v powered motors, but can be 415v, hydraulic and or air driven systems.


Diamond drilling uses drill bits made of industrial diamonds. The bits are designed to penetrate the hardest surfaces, cutting through reinforced concrete, masonry, tile and stone to asphalt, its non-percussive cutting processes maintains buildings structural integrity, at low sound frequency’s, Diamond drilling creates clean and accurate holes measuring between 10mm and 1500mm in diameter and can drill virtually any depth.


To understand how diamond drilling is carried out, it is important to look at the components of a diamond drilling system i.e. the mounted rig, the electric or hydraulic powered drill, and diamond bit. The rotary drill motor powers the diamond drilling system which is secured to the surface it is cutting by being mounted on a rig, then fitted with the appropriate size diamond drill.


A diamond bit is a cylindrical tool with an open centre section. The diamond drill bit comprises of a steel tube, with diamond segments welded to the cutting face which make contact with the surface being drilled. During drilling, the diamond bit rotates. Water is used to both cool the face of the drill and flush away the material being cut. The pressure and rotary speed of the drill bit as well as the water circulation are adjusted depending on factors like; the drilling conditions and type of surface being drilled. To carry out diamond drilling effectively, a number of factors have to be considered. They include; the type of material and surface being drilled, size and diameter of the hole being drilled, structural resistance of the material being cut and the matching suitable diamond compounds to carry out the works efficiently, However, Robore will always come up with a solution around these factors if required.

Diamond drilling techniques

There are various diamond drilling techniques. The most common include;


Diamond Stitch Drilling

As the name suggests, this diamond drilling method involves drilling a series of overlapping holes in a stitch-like pattern. This method solves a common issue of size limitation. Diamond drill bits are limited to 1500mm in diameter. Diamond stitching makes it possible to drill holes measuring any size and shape. Read more


Underwater Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling techniques can be employed for underwater drilling applications. Robore have vast experience in underwater drilling and diamond cutting projects, please see our projects page detailing marine projects such as the Isle of Grain and Tyne Tunnel.

Why Use Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is commonly used in the construction and industrial sectors. It is ideal for drilling different sized holes or openings in stone, brick and concrete structures. Diamond core drilling is very popular in construction and building applications because it is non-percussive, accurate, faster and more cost-effective compared to conventional drilling methods.

The Benefits of Diamond Drilling:

Cost Efficiency

The accuracy achieved when employing the method of diamond drilling reduces structural damage risks, which eliminates unnecessary structural repair costs common with conventional breaking and percussive drilling methods. Additionally it produces a solid section of core / debris, meaning less bulk or waste.


Specialist in Precision Drilling

Diamond drilling offers precise accuracy compared to conventional drilling methods.


Time Efficient

Diamond drilling is by far the fastest method of drilling holes through hard surfaces such as reinforced concrete, brickwork, blockwork, asphalt and many more.


Controlling Noise, Dust and Vibration

Diamond drilling stands out for producing low noise output plus minimal dust and vibration, making it an environmentally efficient choice / method. Unlike percussive drilling methods, it limits the exposure to noise, vibration or air pollution.


Accurate, Precise and Cleaner Holes

The drilling’s precision offers clean, precise and accurate holes compared to concrete breaking and percussive drilling and breaking, with core bit diameters ranging from 10mm to 1500mm.


Working in Areas with Restricted Access

Diamond drilling equipment is light and portable. This makes the method perfect for difficult working environments i.e. drilling in restricted spaces and underwater drilling. Furthermore, drilling can be done automatically (via remote control).


Variable Power Sources

Diamond drilling equipment can be powered by a wide range of power sources from electricity to hydraulics and compressed air. This makes diamond drilling ideal in any construction and industrial setting with any of the basic power sources.


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The UK’s leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

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