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Robore Cuts are Londons number one diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

The UK’s Leading Diamond Drilling Contractors

Diamond stitch drilling is a method that involves drilling multiple holes which overlap each other, enabling the formation of openings any shape and size through materials such as reinforced concrete, stone, brick, and blockwork. Stitch drilling is an efficient, quiet and dust-free alternative to demolishing or breaking.


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Latest Technology and State of The Art Machinery

We use the latest state of the art diamond drilling equipment.


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Our accreditations ensure we complete all works to the highest standard, maintaining a professional and committed approach in a safe working environment at all times.


Unmatched Experience

Robore Cuts Ltd have over three decades of experience in providing our client base with bespoke cutting and demolition solutions, gaining countless clients and an unmatched reputation in the process.


We Have an Extensive List of Satisfied Clients

We are proud to have worked alongside many of the UK’s leading blue-chip construction companies.


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How Diamond Stitch Drilling works:

Diamond drilling is a very effective way of drilling holes in reinforced concrete walls, floors and other structures. However, the method has some limitations i.e. the size of holes are limited by the size of diamond drill bits (the largest diamond drill bit measures 1500mm in diameter). Diamond stitch drilling attempts to solve this problem. The method is preferred when creating holes in which the depths and sizes exceed the capabilities of conventional drills.


The method is popular for creating door, lift and window openings through concrete or many other materials. Since the method produces low vibrations, it is safe and effective for delicate and heavy duty applications as it doesn’t affect the structural integrity.


As the name suggests, this diamond drilling method involves drilling a series of overlapping holes in a stitch-like pattern. This method solves a common issue of size limitation. Diamond drill bits are limited to 1500mm in diameter. Diamond stitching makes it possible to drill holes measuring any size and shape.


The drilling method is a series of holes that are drilled in sequence, linked together to create a large opening, the openings can be any shape or size, therefore removing the limitations of single hole core drilling, once the perimeter of the opening is formed, the isolated section is either hydraulically burst and broken or lifted out. Depending on the kind of opening being created, the resulting opening edges can be smoothened out to form an opening with a perfect shape i.e. a square or circle.

The Benefits of Diamond Stitch Drilling Include:

Cost Efficient

Diamond drilling is far cheaper than conventional drilling methods. The method guarantees structural stability which eliminates the need for costly repairs and reinforcements to structures compared to traditional drilling and breaking methods. Diamond drilling also saves on labour costs.


Ideal for Creating Openings Any Shape or Size

Stitch drilling makes it possible to create openings of any shape or size through stone, brick, block and concrete slabs amongst many other hard surfaces. Conventional drilling is limiting. Diamond stitch drilling is an enhanced method of creating holes that are larger than 1500mm or non-circular shaped.


Excellent Accuracy

Unlike other drilling methods used to create openings on concrete i.e. breaking, diamond stitching is the most accurate method.


Minimal Vibration

A key factor as to why diamond stitch drilling stands out is because the method produces minimal vibration. Unlike conventional drilling techniques, diamond drilling doesn’t compromise the stability of the structure.


Minimal Dust

Due to the use of water as a coolant minimal dust is produced when diamond stitch drilling is performed.


Minimal Noise

Diamond stitch drilling also produces very little noise. The method is therefore ideal for applications where noise pollution is a concern i.e. in occupied buildings, residential areas, hospitals, schools and office buildings etc.


Ideal for Restricted Spaces

Diamond stitch drilling can be carried out using automatic feed systems, making it the best option for working within confined space environments


Ideal for Underwater Drilling Applications

Hydraulic or air powered systems mean that Diamond stitch drilling can be carried out underwater unlike most drilling methods. The drilling method is, therefore, limitless in terms of applications


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The UK’s leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

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