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Robore Cuts are Londons number one diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

London's Leading Concrete Crunching Contractors

Traditional demolition refers to demolition which usually takes place using conventional demolition plant and equipment, from 360 excavators fitted with either pulverisers, hammers or bucket attachments. This type of demolition has been in use for decades as the name suggests.


How Is Traditional Demolition Carried Out?

The types of structure, building material, purpose of demolition dictate the demolition method used. Combined with the latest plant, specialist equipment and environmental management tools we can where applicable carry out any demolition projects in a safe, environmentally sensitive and highly efficient manner, with a wealth of experience working within sensitive environments such as Rail side, nuclear, aviation, public sector such as hospitals, education and mainstream construction projects.


All projects are evaluated by our team and planned out to provide the safest methods of demolition, we work closely with clients (both public and private), from the tender stage of to completion of our projects

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Robore Cuts Traditional Demolition Methods


High Reach

High reach demolition work requires the latest equipment, and as such we use Komatsu PC450 machines and the Hitachi EX450. These machines are regularly upgraded to ensure they can cope with the rigours of high reach demolition, and the full range of attachments that we possess means we can adapt the machines for specific purposes.

Here at Robore, we provide high reach demolition services for clients across the UK, no matter what size building and multiple applications.


Soft Strip Demolition

Selective demolition (also referred to as strip-out demolition) is the most popular traditional demolition method today. This is the case since the method allows recycling/re-use of material which is very cost effective.

Demolition takes place carefully to ensure all (or almost all) materials are recycled or re-used for future projects.


Selective demolition targets both the interior and exterior elements of buildings. The main aim of this demolition method is to recover and reuse or recycle as much material as possible in the safest and most cost-effective manner. Although selective demolition is a very labour intensive and time-consuming demolition method, the method has huge cost saving benefits.

High-Reach or Long-Reach Demolition

This type of demolition takes place using high-reach excavators i.e. High-reach excavators facilitate controlled demolition of multi-storey buildings to heights where conventional excavators can take over. High-reach

excavators come with a variety of attachments that allow operators to perform highly specialized demolition jobs accurately. Typical high-reach excavators have boom lengths measuring between 19 -50 meters in length. For high-reach demolitions to be completed successfully, some factors must be considered:


  • First and foremost, high-reach excavators must be operated by highly trained, skilled and experienced operators.
  • Machines must also be used following manufacturer’s guidelines strictly. Long-reach excavators should be used solely for their intended purpose i.e. not as cranes.
  • Long-reach excavators should be fitted with boom angle warning systems to alert operators of any looming operational risks.
  • Machines also need to be inspected daily by competent personnel before use.
  • Working platforms also need to be checked regularly for stability.
  • Operators also need to ensure excavators operate at a safe distance at all times. Radius charts must be made available to operators at all times.
  • Operators also need to watch fall zones to ensure debris falls within a safe distance.
  • Debris must also be cleared periodically.


High-reach demolition is a very effective traditional method for demolishing multi-storey buildings to manageable heights. However, the method poses some risks. This is precisely why you need to work with experts only.

Why Should You Choose Robore Cuts?

Our Employees Are Highly Trained, Skilled and Experienced

Our management team alone have over 100 years of experience within the industry. We also have highly trained and skilled traditional demolition experts who have been with us for decades. We have what matters most in traditional demolition and that is experience.


Latest State of The Art Machinery and Plant Equipment

Robore use the most advanced and well maintained high-reach excavators, cranes & wrecking balls, crushers and hammers.


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The UK’s leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition contractor

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